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Our Products and Services

Problem Solving

Every organization and business had problems or issues they wish they could fix. Using our proprietary-solving method, our group will help you design a solution that's elegant, efficient and cost-effective. This is our specialty. Contact us and get solved today.

Strategy Design

The SOLVR Group has tremendous experience in creating marketing plans that get results. Whether it’s advertising, primary or secondary research, trade shows, public relations or promotions, we can help you coordinate your marketing into a cohesive, effective plan.

Product Development

The SOLVR Group can help you improved your products and services and develop new ones to help you combat disruptions in the industry. Whatever the need, our redesigns or creations will help your company compete in an ever-changing world.

Brand Management

Your brand is one of your most important assets. We will work with you to make sure that your image and message is carried through all of your marketing, social media, advertising and style.

Process Management

Whether you're trying to improve your culture, make your systems more efficient or meld technology with tasks, the SOLVR Group can help you streamline all of your processes for better profitability and viability.

Graphic Design

If you need new collateral or a fresh look for your marketing efforts, our group will work with you to develop a perfect blend of your brand, image and message. We can design everything from logos to brochures to environmental graphics.

Facilitation and Speaking

Are you planning a strategic planning session and need someone to facilitate? Or, is your company or organization planning a seminar or training day for your employees or customers? The SOLVR Group has 20 years of experience in speaking on a variety of topics that will give your attendees useful information they can act on long after they have left.

Website Design

Your digital footprint is one of your most important pieces in marketing. The SOLVR Group will help you create a user-friendly design with the tactical functions you need for success.

Event Planning

Whether you are planning a corporate retreat, an employee training day, a fundraising event or a weeklong conference, the SOLVR Group will help make your event simple, fun and effective.

Video Production

Whether you need video for social media, an event or your website, the SOLVR Group can create a professional and entertaining story for all of your multimedia needs.

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