About The SOLVR Group

The SOLVR Group has over 20 years of experience in marketing, strategic development and innovation disciplines. Our group has worked in the financial, civic, non-for-profit and distribution industries. We have developed national marketing promotions, national sales incentive programs, new products and services and marketing strategies for hundreds of companies including Fortune 500 businesses.

Our innovation and problem-solving experience runs deep, and our group has spent time as part of an international think tank in the financial industry, trained with Google's innovation team, created numerous solutions in various departments including marketing, human resources, operations, project management and strategic development and is certified from the THE INNOVATION ENGINEERING INSTITUTE headed by Doug Hall.

We also participate in numerous community boards and have won numerous awards from Chambers of Commerce, industry associations and publications.

Our Process | How We Do What We Do

Step 1 | Research

The SOLVR Group does both primary and secondary research to determine a solution that will fit your needs.

Step 2 | Rethink

The SOLVR Group will create a solution based on the information collected in our proprietary process.

Step 3 | Recreate

The SOLVR Group will create a solution based on the information collected in our proprietary process.

Step 4 | Re-Motivate

Let's face it. Your solutions often involve people implementing and sustaining the idea. We'll help you push it through.

Step 5 | Review

Just because you created an exciting solution, doesn't mean it's perfect. Well review and offer the next steps to improve.

Step 6 | Readjust

We believe in the process of failing cheap and failing fast. If your solution needs a fix, we'll help you put it in place.

Let's Get Together and Create a Solution

Every company has something it would like to do better. Something that it would like to improve. That's where the SOLVR Group can help. Our 20 years of experience in marketing, strategic planning, sales, human resources, coaching and facilitation can provide you and your business a better way. Take a minute to find out how you can get solved.  

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Decatur, IL 62522

TEL: 217.791.2822

EMAIL: chris@solvrgroup.com

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